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Terms & Conditions



All tours and services are to be prepaid by CC within 72 hours of booking through our secure payment gateway unless otherwise specifically agreed upon. After you place your booking a link to our payment gateway will be emailed to you. Note that payments made with either American Express or Diners cards are subject to a 5% charge due to high banking fees. Please advise during booking if you intend to use either of these cards so the charge can be added. Otherwise you will be billed separately for this charge. Unpaid bookings will be automatically cancelled. Unpaid Amex/Diners charges will lead to a refund and the booking will be cancelled. All prices are fixed in ISK unless otherwise specifically agreed upon.



All cancellations are to be made by email with as much notice as possible. However, following Icelandic business practices, we reserve the right to charge cancellation fees as follows:

  • A full refund (less 3% for bank fees) if cancellation is made at least 48 hours prior to scheduled tour start.

  • No refund if cancellation is made within 48 hours prior to scheduled tour start.

  • The 5% charge for American Express/Diners cards is not refunded.



Private-guide.is can in no way be held responsible to damages due to wrong information supplied by you. It's your responsibility to keep track of your flight times and any other bookings and activities not supplied by us. In case of changes in your flight times etc it is your responsibility to inform us in order to reschedule your trips, if possible.


Time Limits

When picking up we do apply the following time limits:

  • When picking up at the International Airport your driver will wait for 90 minutes after confirmed landing. If you do not show up within that time your driver will leave and your transfer will be cancelled. In case of lost luggage etc which might hinder you from making the time limit please call us at +3548920888 before the time limit is up.

  • When picking up from a hotel/apartment, Blue Lagoon etc your driver will wait 10 minutes past the set pickup time. If you don't show up within the time limit your trip will be cancelled and the driver will leave.

  • Not showing up for your pickup or showing up after our time limit expires is regarded a late cancellation.

Validity of Prices

Quoted and stated prices are valid until 1st of January each year when new prices are adopted. Tours paid before 1st of January are never subject to price change.



All complaints and requests for refund/compensation are to be made within 7 days of the tour. After 7 days we reserve the right to deny all requests for refund/compensation.


Private-guide.is carries all legally required insurances, both for its vehicles and as a registered Tour Operator. We do however advise all travellers, be they our customers or not, to purchase insurance before travelling to Iceland.​


At any time we reserve the right to alter any tour itinerary due to weather, road conditions or any other circumstances beyond our control. This includes cancellation at any given moment during any tour in progress to ensure the safety or our clients and staff. In those circumstances driver's decision is final.

Private-guide.is does not take any responsibility for any damages, injuries or accidents, fatal or non-fatal, caused by our clients negligence, acts of third parties or any outside circumstances or events such as weather, road conditions, natural disasters or any other similar causes beyond our control.

Private-guide.is and its staff is dedicated to preserving and protecting the delicate nature and wildlife of Iceland. We expect the same from our clients. Therefore our staff will never engage in off road driving or any other activity which might damage our beautiful but delicate nature.